Where's the Love Shah? Rally for Trans Healthcare

Join Sylvia Rivera Law Project and TransJustice of the Audre Lorde Project as we take to the streets to demand comprehensive, safe, and affordable Medicaid for Trans and Gender Non Conforming New Yorkers!

We demand that Commissioner Shah repeal regulations that exclude Trans and Gender Non-Conforming People from accessing life saving care!

We believe that everyone should have safe and affordable healthcare coverage and that includes transgender and gender non-conforming people.

Bed-Stuy Pride 2013 reflection

Bed-Stuy Pride. We came. We Celebrated.

From the incredible performances by cultural workers and artists alike to the amazingly supportive small business and organization vendors the 3rd Annual Bed-Stuy Pride was jam packed with beauty. I am so grateful to be surrounded by such a hard-working community dedicated to challenging homophobic and transphobic violence [all while lookin Brooklyn fly].

As I unpack boxes in the Brooklyn office I’m reminded of some of my favorite moments of the day...

Safety Begins & Ends with Us: A Collective Response to Violence

                                                                                                Friday, July 12, 2013

Dear New York City,

As pride month ends we want to remember and mourn the recent waves of hate violence and police violence across New York City, from the West Village to the 79th precinct in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn. With history as a guide, we expect hate violence against our communities to increase in response to the recent LGBT victories. The hate violence and police violence that has occurred raises the question: How are we creating mechanisms of response, safety, and accountability, within our communities that do not further criminalize or police our collective bodies? Increased policing does not create safety for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Two-Spirit, Transgender, Gender Non Conforming, and Queer (LGBTSTGNCQ) people, especially when Trans and Gender Non-Conforming people, Youth, and People of Color (POC) are among the communities often targeted and harassed by police.