Mid-Summer Newsletter: Global Solidarity in the Pandemic Struggle

Dear Community,

After a robust pride season and COVID restrictions lifted for gatherings in New York City, we hope you are re-emerging into public life in safety, good health, and spirits raised by sunlight and safe gathering. It is a hopeful time in comparison to August of 2020, and we are moving forward optimistically and with caution about the future of convening our communities. There is still work to do in the wake of a revolutionary year that normalized phrases like abolition, racial justice, white supremacy, and anti-Blackness into the popular dialogue and conversation around achieving a world that does not permit the murder and neglect of QTBIPOC bodies by forces of the state.

June Newsletter: Our Interconnected Movements in Pride

Dear Community,

We hope you’ve enjoyed a safe and connective pride season and are finding your power in community as the summer kicks off. 

For the past two years, due to pandemic conditions and concerns for community safety, we have provided digital alternatives to being on the streets and are beginning to re-imagine how to gather safely, inclusively, and with accessibility in mind as the lessons of the pandemic teach us how to care for each others’ well-being in public spaces. The necessity of consent culture, the normalization of communicating our safety needs to one another in shared space, and the critical importance of understanding who our immediate networks of care are, have been powerful developments in our communities’ values. These are also organizing trajectories that the Audre Lorde Project has always been rooted in, for the purpose of gathering folks safely to advocate for our needs without a police presence. The goal has always been to create tools that do not replicate the white supremacist heteropatriarchal tactics that have been designed to control Black, Indigenous, POC, Immigrant, Femme, and Trans and Gender Non-Conforming bodies. 

ALP is Hiring!

Our search is live – the Audre Lorde Project is looking to recruit a new wave of leaders to support LGBTSTGNC organizers of color in New York City! Currently, two full-time positions are open at ALP: Executive Leadership and a Manager of Finance and Operations!

May Newsletter: Healing Our Communities, Fortifying Our Roots

Dear Community,

New York City is opening up again after vaccination rollout, and it’s going to bring up a lot of important new questions as we move forward into the next stage of the pandemic. For a community organization that has historically gathered people as part of our work, this is the moment to consider the balance between autonomy and collective safety in movement building cultures. The safety work of gathering crowds is being transposed to meet the needs of the moment, but the philosophical questions underpinning it are present.