Community Win for Welfare Justice!

Over the last six years as a community we have made our voices heard, culminating over the last two days in a fax and phone blast, and ending today with approval of a new procedure for serving Trans and Gender Non Conforming clients at New York City’s Human Resources Administration (HRA). Trans and Gender Non Conforming communities, allies, friends and family have let the New York City Human Resources Administration know of our demands an end to transphobic discrimination and harassment in New York City’s Welfare system. Supporters from across the country called and faxed HRA. 

Community Update - Co-Director Team + Open House

Since our founding, approximately every three years ALP has engaged in a strategic planning process. Over the last year, ALP board, staff and volunteer leadership developed a new strategic plan for the organization where we assessed community needs; discussed the local, national and global context of our work; evaluated ALP’s programs and organizational structure (including a community wide survey); and set a multi-year vision and plan for the organization. This plan builds on our previous work and history seeking to strengthen and build ALP as a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Two Spirit, Trans and Gender Non Conforming (LGBTSTGNC) People of Color (POC) community organizing center. 

One of the most exciting changes is that we’ve decided to move ALP to a staff structure with two Director positions. Over the next period Collette Carter and Kris Hayashi will serve as a Co-Director team for the Audre Lorde Project. This structure will provide the stability needed to guide and lead ALP through the transition into our new strategic plan as we revise structures, hire new positions, and launch new programming. We believe this change will strengthen our ability to advance ALP’s mission and will be much more sustainable over the long term. Collette Carter has been on staff with ALP in both programmatic and administrative roles and is a long time leader within the LGBTSTGNC POC communities in New York City. Kris Hayashi, previously served as ALP’s Executive Director. 


To date the New York City Human Resources Administration (HRA) still has not approved the procedure to prevent the rampant transphobic discrimination and harassment faced by Trans and Gender Non Conforming People on Public Assistance/Welfare.

Thank you to everyone who signed a Postcard to Commissioner Doar or Signed the Electronic Petition (Postcards and Petitions) over the last few months.

To continue to pressure the NYC Human Resources Administration we are now seeking campaign endorsers.

Update: Judge Drops Charges Against Tiffany Jimenez

We're extremely excited to announce that on the morning of August 17th at Brooklyn Criminal Court Judge Schwaitwald dropped both charges of disorderly conduct against Tiffany Jimenez.   On May 17th 2009 Tiffany Jimenez and Jeanette Gray (Jg) were assaulted and subjected to homophobic harassment and verbal abuse by the officers from the 77th Precinct.

"I want to thank everyone for making this victory possible.  I got all of my strength from the community because there were times I wanted to give up.&n

Update: NYPD summons still in place against Tiffany Jimenez despite lack of charges from Brooklyn DA

Case Set for Trial on August 17

On the night of the IFE lounge arrests the DA told the NYPD that they would not prosecute Tiffany Jimenez due to a lack of evidence that she had engaged in any criminal activity. However, in a highly irregular move, NYPD officers went ahead and wrote her two summons for disorderly conduct despite the DA's decision not to prosecute her on any criminal charges.