We Won’t be Erased: The Audre Lorde Project’s Statement on the Health and Human Services' Proposed Definition of Sex

November 2, 2018

Recently, a memo for the federal Health and Human Services (HHS) Department was leaked, sharing HHS’s plan to define sex as male or female, and only recognize people in these categories based on their sex assignment at birth. This is yet another attempt by the federal administration to harm trans and gender non-conforming communities by rolling back policies designed to protect us against discrimination. While our community is an already vulnerable and heavily marginalized group, particularly around accessing care, our freedom to self-determine our own gender identities and expressions is at stake. It is important to note that this memo is not yet law. We have an opportunity now to mobilize and demand that government not attempt to erase the lives and experiences of TGNC people.

Abolition 101 Cypher

Join ALP's Safe OUTside the System Collective as we cypher on our experiences with police violence, the prison industrial complex in our communities and liberatory strategies towards abolition. 

We will be joined by comrades in organizations that do abolition work in Brooklyn and nationally.

Dinner and metrocards provided!

March with ALP in Brooklyn Pride

Saturday, June 9, 2018 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm

Mobilize with the Audre Lorde Project this Saturday at the Brooklyn Pride Twilight March! Pull out your poom poom shorts, glitter, platforms, drums, and gorgeous posters!  March with us to take back the streets and joyfully resist the corporatization and policing of pride while building safety for our people. We will also be wearing all black clothing as a contingent.

Bring your friends, kids, family, and loved ones! (If you have furry four legged friends, please remember to put them on a leash)

We'll gather at the Key Foods parking lot on 5th Ave. and Sterling St. in Park Slope from 6-6:30pm, and the parade "steps off" promptly at 7:00pm.
Here's a link to the route map, http://brooklynpride.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/MapFlyer2015.jpg. The route is 0.8 miles long, straight down 5th Ave.
You can get to the Key Foods parking lot by taking the subway to Atlantic Terminal 2,3,4,5,D,N,Q,R,W , then walking 5 blocks down 5th Ave. Let's show Brooklyn how fabulous, united, and powerful we are!

See you in the streets!


10th Annual Community Freestyle

Saturday, June 2, 2018 - 12:30pm to 5:30pm

Calling all trans, two-spirit, gender non conforming, queer, lesbian, bisexual, and gay people of color in Brooklyn and our allies!

The Safe OUTside the System Collective of The Audre Lorde Project invites you to our 10th annual Community Freestyle! With the NYPD's clear incapability to not bring excessive violence or death to our communities- there is a clear community ask for alternatives to 9-1-1. But in this community freestyle, we aren't just listing alternatives but also teaching alternatives that we all can practice, use and share!

The workshops will focus on alternative skills for the 3 most NYPD responded calls in our communites: Intimate Partner Violence, Interpersonal Violence and Medical/Emotional/Mental distress.

Food, metrocards and childcare will be provided!

See everyone on Saturday, June 2nd, at Northeast Brooklyn Housing Development Corporation- 378 Throop Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11221-1443. That's the G train to Bedford-Nostrand Aves!

S.O.S Open Cypher: Love Under Capitalism

Tuesday, February 6, 2018 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Audre Lorde wrote "Each time you love, love as deeply as if it were forever/only nothing is eternal." In our current time, living under capitalism and many other conditions, we know that it is not love or collectivism that is easily uplifted or maintained, it is individualism and lovelessness. Our pysches are deeply impacted by this and we in turn internalize it and learn to hate ourselves, each other and love those who oppress us. As organizers- it is our duty to always to put love at the root of our work- it's how we create people's change!

Join ALP's Safe OUTside the System Collective as we cyphe on our experiences of love and community organizing, dreaming of liberatory strategies for abolition, while we also plan for our collective and individual wellness as we move throughout the world.

Safe OUTside the System Collective active and core members will facilitate the cypher. We invite you to connect with us and share stories to better understand one another in our pursuit of freedom and liberation. Food and metrocards will be provided.

If you have any questions, comments or concern, please email sos@alp.org for more information. RVSP is required to receive address.

Revolutionary Bae Mixer

Tuesday, February 13, 2018 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm

The Audre Lorde Project’s Safe OUTside the System Collective invites you to join us for the 2nd Annual “Revolutionary Bae: A Valentine’s Day Mixer” on Tuesday, February 14th 6:30pm to 9:pm. We want to get to know you and who knows, maybe you’ll meet your future movement boo or revolutionary bae at this “Speed Dating” themed event. Complimentary Mocktails, a “Love Bag,” and a Night of Fun guaranteed for every participant.

*** Special Note: This is a space for platonic romance and an opportunity to get to know the Safe Outside the System collective.***

Notes on access: The ALP Brooklyn office is in the basement of the Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church, which is 20 steps down from the ground floor. There are 2 gender neutral single stall restrooms in the basement. This space is not wheelchair accessible. Please contact us with any access needs or questions at sos@alp.org.

Refreshments and metrocards provided.

**This event is open to lesbian, gay, bisexual, two spirit, transgender, gender non conforming, and queer people of color**

7th Annual Bed-Stuy Pride

Sunday, September 10, 2017 - 1:00pm to 6:00pm

Come celebrate lesbian, gay, bisexual, two spirit, transgender and gender-non-conforming people of color living in the Bed-Stuy and Central Brooklyn community. The day will feature local artists, performances, workshops, music, vendors, family friendly wellness & fitness activities and more!

Want to support or get involved in the 7th Annual Bed-Stuy Pride?
- If you are inquiring about volunteering please email cleo@alp.org.
- If you'd like to be a vendor, performer, or host a workshop, please contact bedstuypride@gmail.com.

Notes on access: It is our intention to create an accessible and welcoming space for LGBTSTGNC POC families, communities, and allies in Central Brooklyn. The venue is physically accessible (flat venue with ramps to the bathrooms), can be accessed by public transit (B38, B43, and G to Bedford-Nostrand), and provides gender neutral public bathrooms. We will offer Spanish language interpretation. Audre Lorde Project community practitioners and other community members will provide a variety of wellness and physical activities for event goers. ALP members trained in security and de-escalation will support the safety and well-being of our community members throughout the event. Please contact bedstuypride@gmail.com if you have any suggestions or additions on how to make the space more accessible, and if you have any particular concerns about security.

Who we are: The Safe OUTside the System (SOS) Collective is an anti-violence program led by and for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Two Spirit, Trans, and Gender Non Conforming people of color. We are devoted to challenging hate and police violence by using community based strategies rather than relying on the police. SOS is a project of the Audre Lorde Project, a LGBTSTGNC people of color community organizing center. www.alp.org

Ven a celebrar con la comunidad de color lésbica, gay, bisexual, dos espíritu, trans y disidente de género (LGBDETDDG) que viven en la comunidad de Bedford-Stuyvesant y en el Centro de Brooklyn. ¡ Este día habrá artistas, espectáculos, talleres, música, vendedores, actividades de salud y bienestar para toda la familia y mucho más!

¿Quieres apoyar o participar en el sexto festival anual del orgullo en Bedford-Stuyvesant?

- Si necesitas información sobre cómo ser voluntaria/o, por favor comunícate con cleo@alp.org.
- Para cualquier otra consulta, por favor, escribe a bedstuypride@gmail.com.

Acerca del acceso: Queremos crear un espacio amigable y accesible para lxs aliadxs, familiares y comunidades LGBDETDDG de color del centro de Brooklyn. El lugar del evento es físicamente accesible (es un piso plano con rampas para los baños). Puede llegarse en bus (líneas B38 y B43) y por metro (estación Bedford-Nostrand de la línea G). Tiene baños públicos unisex. Ofreceremos interpretación en español. El equipo profesional del Proyecto Audre Lorde y otros miembros de la comunidad proporcionarán varias actividades de salud y bienestar para lxs asistentes al evento. Lxs miembros de ALP entrenadxs en seguridad y en la reducción de conflicto apoyarán con la seguridad y el bienestar de lxs miembros de nuestra comunidad durante todo el evento. Por favor, escribe a bedstuypride@gmail.com si tienes alguna sugerencia o comentario adicionales sobre cómo hacer el espacio más accesible, o si tienes alguna preocupación en particular sobre la seguridad.

Quiénes somos: El colectivo “Segurxs Fuera del Sistema” (SOS, por sus siglas en inglés) es un programa de anti-violencia dirigido por y para lesbianas, gays, bisexuales, dos espíritus, trans, y gente disidente de género de color. Estamos dedicadxs a desafiar el odio y la violencia policial mediante el uso de estrategias comunitarias en lugar de depender de la Policía. SOS es un proyecto del Proyecto Audre Lorde, un centro de organización comunitaria para personas de color LGBDETDDG www.alp.org.