We're extremely excited to announce that on the morning of August 17th at Brooklyn Criminal Court Judge Schwaitwald dropped both charges of disorderly conduct against Tiffany Jimenez.   On May 17th 2009 Tiffany Jimenez and Jeanette Gray (Jg) were assaulted and subjected to homophobic harassment and verbal abuse by the officers from the 77th Precinct.

"I want to thank everyone for making this victory possible.  I got all of my strength from the community because there were times I wanted to give up.  Instead I thought of other community members and how I didn?t want this to happen to anyone else." Tiffany Jimenez

We know that it?s been a long road and all of us at the Audre Lorde Project and Make the Road NY are extremely thankful for all of your support.  Please stay tuned for info on a community meeting on how to support the fight to bring assault charges against the cops involved, support JG and Tiffany's civil lawsuit against the cops, and prevent future police violence against our community members.

To get involved with the S.O.S. Collective (Audre Lorde Project) or GLOBE (Make the Road NY) please contact

Ejeris Dixon, Program Coordinator S.O.S. Collective (718) 596-0342 x 22, 

Karina Claudio-Betancourt at 718-418-7690 ext 278 or at 

What happened?

In the early morning of Sunday May 17, 2009 several officers from the 77th Precinct went to the Ife Lounge in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.  After assaulting the promoter of the party, Jeannette Gray, officers began to violently push the crowd.  Officers then pushed Tiffany Jimenez to the ground, assaulted her, and subjected her to homophobic verbal abuse and harassment.  She was then arrested, taken into police custody, and unjustly charged with disorderly conduct.

In a blatant effort to cover up their misconduct, police claimed that Jimenez was so intoxicated that she had to be taken to the hospital on the night of the incident.  This allegation is false: Jimenez was never taken for medical treatment of any kind while in police custody.  She only sought treatment for the injuries she suffered at the hands of the police after she was released.