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More information about today’s court appearance and press conference below….

Community Groups Outraged After Kings County District Attorney Office Fails to Follow Through on Commitment to Drop Charges Against Victim of Police Violence. 




Brooklyn, NY.  On Monday July 20th members of the Audre Lorde Project and Make the Road New York gathered to ensure that the Kings County District Attorney followed through on his commitment to drop all charges against Tiffany Jimenez, a victim of police violence. After arriving at New York City Criminal Court (346 Broadway), Jimenez and her lawyer were informed that the charges of disorderly conduct  had, in fact, not been dropped.  Directly after, the two organizations hosted a press conference during which they demanded that the Kings County DAs Office stay true to its word and drop all charges immediately.  They also announced their intention to launch a campaign to have charges brought against the police officers involved in the assault and arrest of Jimenez.  Ejeris Dixon, Program Coordinator of the S.O.S. Collective of ALP said, “We are appalled that District Attorney Charles Hynes has not dropped the charges after claiming that he would.  This is just another example of how the DAs relationship with the NYPD leads to injustice for innocent New York citizens.”


In the early morning of Sunday May 17, 2009 several officers from the 77th Precinct went to the Ife Lounge in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.  After assaulting the promoter of the party, Jeannette Gray, officers began to violently push the crowd.  Officers then pushed Jimenez to the ground, assaulted her, and subjected her to homophobic verbal abuse and harassment.  She was then arrested, taken into police custody, and unjustly charged with disorderly conduct. 


In a blatant effort to cover up their misconduct, police claimed that Jimenez was so intoxicated that she had to be taken to the hospital on the night of the incident.  This allegation is false: Jimenez was never taken for medical treatment of any kind while in police custody.  She only sought treatment for the injuries she suffered at the hands of the police after she was released.


On July 16th and 17th the Audre Lorde Project and Make the Road New York launched a phone call campaign in support of Jimenez.  This campaign mobilized hundreds of concerned community members to call the Kings County District Attorney and demand that he drop the charges against Jimenez.  Late Friday afternoon, Assistant District Attorney John Rudikoff called the Audre Lorde Project.  He stated that the charges against Jimenez would be dropped, and that he believed the charges to be “baseless.”