Tuesday, October 25, 2022 - 6:30pm

Are you interested in becoming a member at the Audre Lorde Project, a home for community organizing for NYC’s LGBTSTGNC people of color? Register for this membership orientation to learn more about our Membership Program, ways to join other programs at ALP, and for leadership development and political education opportunities. Prospective members should be grounded in our mission & guiding principles, committed to building power with community, and have free time to give. All meetings are currently being held virtually, and registration is required. 

Please note that this orientation, and membership at large, is open to queer and trans people of color based in New York City ONLY.

Email anqa@alp.org with questions or for more information!


Additional Details:

To join our membership, start by filling out this online member info form: https://alp.org/alpmember. As an ALP member you will be added to our mailing list and receive our newsletter, program materials and member related information.

What Can Members do at The Audre Lorde Project?
--Political Organizing, and Development
--Mobilization, Education, and Capacity Building
--Develop Leadership Skills
--Attend and Facilitate Discussions and Workshops
--Healing and Wellness Work
--Interpretation and Translation
--Community Sustainability and Access Work
--Rapid Response
--Community, Network, and Resource Building
--Campaigns, Strategy, and Actions
--Collective Decision Making
--Community Security Trainings
--Writing/Editing, Including Statement Writing
--Administrative Work
--Special Events

Membership Levels
Supportive Members get updated on Audre Lorde Project events, campaigns and programs. This level is open to all with a low time commitment.

Active & Active Ally Members help implement programs, get access to training and build community support for the Audre Lorde Project. This level is open to all and has a medium time commitment.

Core Members participate in decision making, facilitate trainings, and develop leadership of the Audre Lorde Project. This level is open to LGBTSTGNC POC and has a high time commitment with integration to our different programs.

Ways to Engage
Members can participate through our programs and campaigns. Our four programs hold structured committees where members can develop their leadership, and join us in our strategies to address the multiple issues impacting LGBTSTGNC People of Color communities. Members also work on ALP’s organizational policy and help implement programs. Participating on a working group requires a commitment of at least 3 months for up to 10 hours a month. Our Programs include:

3rd Space Support - Language access work, health and wellness collective, community care, and resource building

Membership - Base building, leadership development, community building, political development, and skill sharing

Safe Outside the System Collective - organize campaigns & actions against violence that's directed against LGBTSTGNC People of Color & broader communities of color.

TransJustice - by & for Trans & Gender Non-conforming people of color, works to mobilize its communities & allies into action on pressing political issues they face such as health, employment, housing, and education.

Why Get Involved at ALP?
Besides the rewarding experience of giving back to your community and working towards specific community based projects, people come to ALP to have fun, to meet other people and to learn about our community. You can also take advantage of ALP's different programs, which include events, community forums, trainings, discussion/support group meetings & cultural work. 

Program Areas: