Dear Community,


Love asks us to be tenacious, it asks us to be generous, it asks us to imagine being part of something bigger than ourselves. It asks us to forgive, to listen and revise obsolete ways and evolve in order to fully participate in the work ahead. It teaches us that in order to fully engage with the work of dismantling oppressive systems, we must care for ourselves, examine where we are replicating those systems, and love ourselves most of all by allowing transformation. 


Those of you have participated in programs and events with the Audre Lorde Project may have noticed a sense of levity and warmth when we come together to heal ourselves, each other, and our communities. The act of gathering centers and sustains us, in resistance against daily microaggressions and trauma that are par for the course when resourcing ourselves to thrive in a hostile world. This month ALP showed up for protests around the brutal racist and homophobic attack on Jussie Smollet, as well as the ongoing assualt of neglect on our incarcerated communities at Metropolitan Detention Center, in Brooklyn. 


Your contributions of time, thought, and resources keep our communities thriving. Thank you for your ongoing support and generosity.



In Solidarity,

Janhavi Pakrashi

Communications Coordinator



In this newsletter, we want to share a Revolutionary Bae Mixtape with you, including songs selected by our staff, and kick off a series of interviews with the folks at ALP who have been bringing you these life sustaining moments throughout the year. In our first staff interview, we're proud to introduce you to Kade Cahe, our Member Engagement and Leadership Coordinator.





While many folks like to celebrate Valentine’s day, there’s an especially poignant annual ritual we observe at ALP: Audre Lorde’s Birthday Celebration. Please RSVP! This year, we’ll be celebrating in community, at the Peoples Forum, on Monday February 25th. 



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