Tuesday, December 3, 2019 - 6:30pm to 9:00pm

Audre Lorde Project - Brooklyn Office, 85 South Oxford Street, Basement, Brooklyn, NY 11217-1607

Your pod is made up of the people that you would call on if violence, harm or abuse happened to you; or the people that you would call on if you wanted support in taking accountability for violence, harm or abuse that you’ve done; or if you witnessed violence or if someone you care about was being violent or being abused.

People can have multiple pods. The people you call to support you when you are being harmed may not be the same people you call on to support you when you have done harm, and vice versa.

- Mia Mingus of The Bay Area Transformative Justice Collective.

In 2014, The Bay Area Transformative Justice Collective (BATJC) created and began using the term “pod” to refer to a specific type of relationship within transformative justice (TJ) work. You can have as many pods as you need, and you can call on them for many different areas of your life.

As the holidays settle in, it is even harder to break out of isolation and find people to establish generative relationships. This workshop is to build on to the work Mia Mingus and the BATJC created to propel pod mapping in the service of gender justice and liberation!

Folks will be given an introduction on the concept of wellness/safety planning, and then we’ll work together to get the start of a pod map for people to utilize this winter and beyond.

Food and MetroCards will be provided.

Accessibility note: The ALP Brooklyn Office does not have an elevator and is not wheelchair accessible. There are a total of 14 steps (separated by landings of 3-8-3 steps) between the front door on the ground floor and our office space.