Saturday, May 21, 2022 - 1:00pm to 5:00pm

Community Freestyle is back! Join the Safe Outside The System Collective to build safety OUTSIDE THE SYSTEM. Come and learn community safety rooted in our tradition of Black Panthers, Young Lords, a legacy we are grounded in and is often held by queer and trans people of color.

Community safety serves as a buffer between NYPD and our community. Community safety relies on trained, trusted community members (and never the state) to support the self-determination and wellness of our community.  We celebrate and center interdependence within our community. As we learn to protect each other, we must always maintain community wellness. A lesson given to us within the 3rd Space Program. Healing Justice is part of organizing, part of liberation.

Don't miss out on learning tools of self care and healing from trained community healers!

See you at our in-person Community Freestyle 2022!


COVID Specifications:

Masks will be Required to Attend

We will be gathering in Outdoor Space


Join Us

In this community freestyle, you are invited to join a 2 part series that seeks to resource participants with the skills and strategies required to organize safely in public movement spaces. After that, we will be providing folks tools and time to share knowledge with one another alongside wellness and healing strategies that decenter the medical-industrial complex.  We offer pathways for safety and healing, informed by the analysis of the many layers of structural challenges marginalized people encounter while surviving the dehumanizing outcomes of a money-making prison system, and a healthcare model that puts profit over access to necessary care for all. We seek to provide a space for dialogue, resource sharing, and on-site healing offerings for folks participating with us.


SOS - Security Training

SOS will lead the community security, facilitated by Kerbie, our  SOS Coordinator. 

During this session, folks will be oriented and guided through the logistics of safety planning for mobilization, which requires an understanding of tactical self-protection strategies, particularly in proximity to state-sponsored violence. 

The core value reflected in this session is that as an abolitionist organization we do not involve police participation or carceral tactics in our safety or mobilization strategies.


Some of the skill areas that will be explored include:

  • Community security, 

  • Mapping and executing formations and actions

  • Defining and navigating operational safety roles in public movement space, tactical teams

  • De-escalation preparedness for creating safer spaces for gathering


3rd Space - Self-care and Wellness Strategies for Healing in Movement

Political work is work, and it takes a toll on our bodies and spirits to be in a constant state of vigilance toward potential violence or neglect from the state. In this module Indra,  our 3rd Space Coordinator, will be connecting attendees to wellness strategies for self-soothing, decompression, and honoring what keeps us whole in the shadow of a corporatized healthcare system. Participants will be engaged with a group activity, followed by a guided discussion and the opportunity to share and gather impactful wellness resources collaboratively.

Member and Coalition Offerings

What has made ALP unique in our public offerings has been centering the symbiosis of protection and healing as a non-violent sustainability strategy in our movement spaces.

Long-time member Chauvet Bishop has offered their services, year after year as a devoted ALP member committed to sharing their talent and wisdom with the ALP Community at large. We honor their generosity and dedication and hope you will check out their socials, contribute to their well-being with tips, and tell folks about their work.

We also ask that in gratitude for Crystal House’s contribution of gathering space and time, folks take a look at their GoFundMe 


Chauvet - Massage:

Healer (LMT), poet, singer, lover of all things beautiful, warrior woman, far cry from perfection. A Unique Composition if you will