Here at ALP, 2022 has been a year of transition and new beginnings. Under the leadership of ALP’s newest Deputy Director India Harris, ALP has strived to create heart-filled programming grounded in the principles of self-determination and multi-racial coalition building. We’ve rallied with our comrades pursuing abolitionist futures across New York City, supported advocacy for queer and trans havens like Riis Beach, and deepened our commitment to using multiple organizing strategies in order to uplift disability justice.

To usher us into a new year, we’ve compiled a short report archiving some of our brightest moments in 2022. We hope you’ll take a moment to read and celebrate the beautiful work our community created this past year. Our deep gratitude to all of our members, supporters, allies, and ALP Fam!

Report design by Laraib Ali; Report illustrations by Acacia Rodriguez 


ALP Annual Report 2022

Past Annual Reports:

2021 Impact Report