Tuesday, April 12, 2022 - 6:30pm

About the Program

TransJustice and Safe Outside the System are hosting a town hall and teach-in in which community members will discuss what needs to be addressed by New York City leadership to invest in the safety and wellness of our trans and gender non-conforming folks of color. We seek to build a list of demands distilled from the narratives and experiences of our community members, in order to advocate for just conditions in housing for our people. This is our chance to collectively ask for what we need from policymakers.

This discussion is in alignment with ALP’s Brick by Brick campaign, which is grounded in the value that because housing is a human right,  housing justice is gender justice is Trans Justice. Join us to collaboratively navigate the direction of the campaign through April and May.


The main question the town hall seeks to address is what do you think would be helpful to achieving housing equity for all New Yorkers?


The Brick by Brick Commitment

Right now, trans* and gender nonconforming New Yorkers are facing limits on quality healthcare, sustainable housing pathways, and culturally significant and accessible nutrition when seeking public resources. In this townhall and teach-in the people of TransJustice from the Audre Lorde Project will strategize to achieve comprehensive, supportive, accessible, and safer public services for Transgender and Gender NonConforming, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Queer people of color -- meaning ALL New Yorkers! 


The Agenda Topics

The teaching portion of this event will highlight spaces around New York City that are designated to for folks to access in crisis, or in seeking emergency transitional supportive housing. We want to highlight some of those spaces, as well as the council representatives influencing their offerings.



Zoning will be a discussion focus, as we are reminded that every 10 years zoning shifts in the city. This is a key decision making year that will transform  the living conditions and affordability of housing in New York. How will shifts in zoning change our neighborhoods and lives?


Building power with folks and building their capacity to share their stories:

There will be a facilitated discussion intended to vision collaboratively about what achieving housing equity for trans and gender nonconforming New Yorkers looks like, especially when this group of folks are facing disproportionate rates of unemployment and discriminatory housing practices that can look like:

- landlord landlord harassment

- obstacles to access - language

- folks on the neurodivergent spectrum

- people returning home from incarceration


Additional Discussion Questions:

- What areas and places are desirable or undesirable to live in?

- How is employment connected to housing?

- Are there resources and information that have helped you in navigating housing resources in NYC?

- What are obstacles to access that you experience when navigating existing resources?


Connect with Us

TransJustice and Safe OUTside the System Collective combine every second Tuesday of the month to co-werk. Together we will share ALP-wide updates, offer information about our grassroots community campaigns, and get to know the interests and skills of our community members. Want to get involved? Register and attend this remote meeting!

Contact rumi@alp.org or kerbie@alp.org for questions or details.


Please note: this meeting is closed to queer and/or trans people of color only.