Saturday, May 20, 2023 - 12:00pm

Evolve With Us Wellness

115 Ralph Ave, Ground Floor

Brooklyn, NY, 11221

C Train to Ralph Ave

After a 3 year pandemic hiatus, Community Freestyle is back and in person! For family who haven’t heard of this event before- Community Freestyle is where we have collective dialogue aka freestyle- with POC LGBTSTGNC community members and our  allies- about our experiences with hate and state violence. We collectively learn strategies and tactics for our continued safety and resistance. This year's community trainings will include de-escalation and community security,  to name a few!

Join the Safe OUTside the System (SOS) program for Community Freestyle on May 20th from 12pm-5pm as we sing, speak, map, draw and teach each other together. And you won't want to miss the talented performers at our Joy Hour to wrap up Community Freestyle either! 

For everyone's safety, we will be doing COVID testing for all participants that come into our Community Freestyle event. Masks are encouraged and will be in the space for everyone who doesn't have one. Food, child care, healing services and metrocards will be provided!



12PM: Doors Open 

12:30PM: Welcome

1PM: AAIT Safe Space De-escalation Training/Police Know Your Rights

3PM: Community Security Training

5PM: Joy Hour

6PM: Closing