In 2015 we have witnessed incredible violence against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Two Spirit, and Gender Non Conforming People of Color (LGBTSTGNC POC). From the brutal and relentless murders of Black and Latina Trans Women and Gender Non Conforming People, to the increased deportation of im/migrants,  to the continued gutting of public housing and social services, to the routine criminalization of both our survival and our resistance – a clear message is being sent to us: We are disposable. Violence is not just physical, it’s spiritual. Every day our communities are taught that we are not enough. Even though Black, Indigenous, and People of Color built this country, survived attempted genocide, and continue to build dynamic forms of resistance – we are taught that we are worthless.

At Audre Lorde Project we believe that we are worth so much more. We recognize how our communities have been and continue to be on the frontlines of every movement for social and economic justice. We believe that both knowing and practicing our worth is a form of resistance. At ALP we believe that grassroots fundraising is a political organizing strategy to sustain & resource our movements. Our fundraising efforts --  led by and for our community members -- build interdependence and resistance that has kept our communities alive.  We are challenging the racial wealth divide and putting resources back into our hands. We are asking you to support ALP’s work and vision because we are worth it.


We are worth our collective anger.

We are worth our collective resilience.
We are worth our collective wellness.

We are worth our self determination.

We are worth a world free from violence.

We are worth this and so much more.


Please help us raise $50,000 before the end of the year. From $1 to $10,000: every little bit will help us with our work to end the racial/gender wealth divide and create a more just world for all of us.

Donate now.