Rapid Response Team Training: May 6-7 2023, 12:00-4:00 PM EST

This event is for folks who are interested in joining ALP's Rapid Response Team, which meets monthly. 

This is a space for LGBTSTGNC People of Color ONLY. Priority is given to applicants in the NYC area. No prior rapid response/community organizing experience required.

ALP's response team is here to support our community both proactively and in times of crisis by building up community-based skills and strategies to care for ourselves and each other. This team is a place to give and receive sustainable support; where creation, invention and innovation will be practiced!

During this training, we will discuss:

  • Offering active, compassionate, non-judgmental listening.
  • Providing practical support and helping folks move through tough situations in a trauma-informed way
  • ALP strategies for community care, including wellness/safety planning
  • Political frameworks underlying ALP's work 

After the Training, participants agree to:

  • Support organizing at ALP and ensure our work aligns with our values 
  • Attend monthly meetings (or read notes and check-in with 3rd space coordinator if you are unable to attend)
  • Attend other ALP trainings that will help support your work, time/capacity permitting.
  • Practice active listening with one another and with folks who come to us for support 
  • Communicate your own needs and boundaries around time/capacity transparently and intentionally 
  • Be prepared to not just offer members support, but to ask for it when you need it yourself. 

"We are powerful because we have survived, and that is what it is all about - survival and growth." - Audre Lorde

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