Say What? Media Guide

Announcing the Release of the 'Say What: How to Talk about Trans and Gender Non Conforming People, LGBTQ People, Youth and People in the Sex Trade Respectfully' Edited by Elliott Fukui, Audre Lorde Project TransJustice Coordinator, and collaborated on in partnership with FIERCE, & Streetwise and Safe (SAS).

In light of all of the recent media highlighting Trans Women that has not included our Trans & Gender Non Conforming People of Color communities, we introduce this guide as a tool to inform media how to represent us with respect and dignity. This media guide has been developed to support journalists, reporters, activists and organizers in using more inclusive and transformative language and frameworks when addressing issues that relate to our most vulnerable community members’ experiences of discriminatory policing. This guide is for all people who are invested in justice, liberation and building strong inclusive communities. We know that part of liberation is reclaiming language, to honor the self determination for TGNC to name ourselves, name our struggles, and also provide the solutions to the oppression we face.