The Breakfast Club is sending a strong message to its listeners: Trans lives are jokes and disposable.  
On last week, the popular urban radio show, powered by iHeartRadio,  hosted Comedian Lil Duval for an interview that has since gone viral for its violent anti-trans rhetoric. The comedian’s interview occurred days after Author & Activist Janet Mock appeared on the show to promote her second memoir, Surpassing Certainty. We are deeply concerned and troubled by how this rhetoric will continue to justify and embolden violence against trans people, especially Black Trans Women, and see this as a moment of political intervention to disrupt this vile conduct.
Trans and Gender Non-Conforming People are not jokes! We stand in solidarity with Trans & Gender Non-Conforming People and we are committed to joining efforts towards building collective power, resistance, and counter narratives to transform dominant narratives that deem our communities expendable. We are equally committed to sharing strategies that we employ in our organizing work. Below is a list of links and resources regarding the incident and subsequent organizing efforts to support here in New York City and beyond.


Links to info on what happened:


Links to Responses and Calls to Action:


Hashtags (info and resources can be found here)