October 20, 2023

The Audre Lorde Project stands in unwavering solidarity with the liberation struggles of colonized and oppressed peoples around the world.

Our hearts go out to all impacted by the atrocities unfolding in occupied Palestine. 

All of our oppressions are interconnected, and none of us can truly be free until all of us are free.

The brutal, decades-long apartheid regime has posed an existential threat to the Palestinian people for generations and turned millions into stateless refugees is the greatest threat to life in the region. The loss of life at this magnitude is morally indefensible.

We demand an immediate and permanent Ceasefire. Our elected officials have a moral imperative to end their complicity in genocide. 

We demand an end to the US Government pouring financial resources and arms into Israel.

We demand an end to the inhumane apartheid conditions that continue to compromise the safety and well-being of all civilians in the region.

Together, we rise up against all forms of state-based violence, imperialism and neo-colonialism.

Mayor Eric Adams has intentionally mischaracterized marches for Palestinian liberation as “supporting terrorism” and “spreading hate.” Unsurprisingly, this rhetoric has ignited a dangerous surge in both state violence and hate crimes targeting his Muslim constituents. As many take to the streets, heightened NYPD presence has led to increased surveillance, suppression of actions and arrests of  hundreds of protestors. .

As attempts to silence and malign global solidarity with Palestinians continue, we remember the words of Freedom Fighter Assata Shakur:

“Where there is oppression, there will be resistance.”

In Struggle & Solidarity, 

The Audre Lorde Project