By Teresse Watson
April 16, 2019

The community of Crown Heights, Brooklyn, held a vigil and march on April 4 to continue the fight for justice for Saheed Vassell and his family. They marked the year anniversary of Vassell’s killing by police, and protested the recent announcement by State Attorney General Letitia James that she will not seek indictments against the officers responsible for his death.

Vassell, who lived with Bipolar Disorder, was well known in his community. He could often be found sitting outside the community barbershop, available to do odd jobs. On April 4, 2018, an unknown person called 911, because Saheed was walking down the street, “pointing something at people.” Multiple witnesses confirm that plainclothes undercover officers just jumped out of their car and killed him. Police gave no warnings and issued no commands before firing 19 shots.