ALP is an equal opportunity employer. All candidates should have a demonstrated commitment to ALP’s mission/guiding principles and LGBTSTGNC People of Color issues, and proven ability working with multi-racial, multi-ethnic, intergenerational, and multi-gendered communities.

3rd Space Support Coordinator

ALP organizes LGBTSTGNC POC in NYC to change the conditions that negatively impact our communities, however we also recognize that while working to build our community’s power we must address the immediate economic and wellness concerns that we individually and collectively face. The 3rd Space Support Program works to ensure that communities facing the greatest barriers to survival stay central to ALP’s membership, leadership and organizing by connecting people with wellness, grief and crisis resources and integrate a culture of sustainability and holistic care at ALP and in our movements. The 3rd Space Support Coordinator works closely with the Membership, SOS and TJ Coordinators to ensure that members of ALP have access to cultural and community wellness practices, healing justice strategies and are connected to resources and services that include but are not limited to housing, health care, public assistance and job training support. In addition the 3rd Space Support Coordinator connects ALP’s membership to the abundance of ancestral traditions of LGBTSTGNC POC healing practices and methodologies in our NYC community, including reiki, acupuncture, and massage, and supports mutual aid and community care practices. This includes creating a team of on-call practitioners, cultural workers, and other ALP community members who will provide resources, referrals and community care strategies for our base.

Application Deadline: 
June 25, 2017

Executive Director

The Audre Lorde Project continues to be a locally and nationally
recognized force in the struggle for racial, social and economic justice, that center wellness and safety strategies as integral to our collective survival and liberation. In this heightened political moment we are seeking an Executive Director that can help guide vision and mission of ALP.
This position will bring political leadership to ALP, build organizational infrastructure for the long term, and center organizing and programming in LGBTSTGNC People of Color in New York City. This position is accountable to the Board, who will work with our core member leadership, program and administrative staff; and supervises and supports the leadership of the Manager of Finance & Administration, Manager of Development, and the Director of Programs. This leader must be a dynamic, flexible, and creative individual committed to justice, leadership development, and practices that reflect ALP’s principles.

Application Deadline: 
July 4, 2017