ALP is an equal opportunity employer. All candidates should have a demonstrated commitment to ALP’s mission/guiding principles and LGBTSTGNC People of Color issues, and proven ability working with multi-racial, multi-ethnic, intergenerational, and multi-gendered communities.

3rd Space Support Fellow 2019

What is the 3rd Space Fellowship?

The 3rd Space Fellowship is a leadership development opportunity focused on strengthening community access and sustainability at the Audre Lorde Project (ALP). The fellowship will be supporting two primary projects; the resource database and the response team training:

Throughout the five months, the 3rd Space Fellow will focus on

  • Strengthening and building our Resource Database; an excel spreadsheet that lists updated information on community resources, health and social services that our community members have accessed, need and/or are a part of. The fellow’s role will  include updating, cleaning, and entering new data in the current resource database.

  • Support the administrative work, logistics, and implementation of the 3rd Space Response Team Training that is scheduled for May 2019. The Response Team Training is an annual workshop to recruit and engage community members in practicing organized and intentional community care. While ALP is not a direct service agency, we do believe that in order to organize for our community, we must recognize and support responses to the emergent, immediate, and dire needs that impact all of us. This training increases skills in caring for one another from a community-wide framework, as well as our capacity to vet and hold direct service agencies accountable. In the training, we will be sharing the skills built from years of response team members offering crisis intervention, de-escalation, organization vetting, and more while also learning new strategies from each other.

Application Deadline: 
February 1, 2019