Dear ALP Community,

It is the third week out and still many of our communities are experiencing a tremendous sense of loss and displacement from SuperStorm Sandy. Red Hook and the Far Rockaway communities are still without power and resources.  As we begin to rebuild in the aftermath of the storm we want to affirm and raise up the leadership of CAAAV in Chinatown, Red Hook Initiative, and other groups that have supported their communities pre- hurricane and have continued to hold it down for their communities during this time.  We are continually inspired by our collective resilience and our ability to take care of ourselves and each other, even when government and city leaders do not prioritize us. For those of us who are still in crisis or involved in relief efforts, our love and support goes out to you.

Thanks to everyone for donating their goods to communities in need!  If you choose to volunteer we know many communities are leading their own support initiatives and ask folks who want to volunteer to follow the guidance & leadership within those communities!  We also encourage you to bring materials to the following locations:

Clinton Hill

Click here for needs and volunteer info
Church of St. Luke and St. Matthew
520 Clinton Avenue (between Fulton & Atlantic)
Hours: 9am – 9pm

Click here for needs and volunteer info
St. Gertrude's Church
B38 beach channel drive
96th and Rockaway Beach Blvd

The Red Hook Initiative

402 Van Brunt Street or 767 Hicks St


During this difficult time we want to also offer safety tips to our LGBTQTSGNC of Color communities on how to navigate trauma and negotiate safe spaces in the aftermath of the storm:

Shelters: If you or someone you know is experiencing violence or harassment in a shelter.  See National Center for Transgender Equality attachment for strategies on how to ask for support specific to navigate shelter safety for Trans and Gender Non-Conforming folks or go to:

Police: There is increased police presence in many neighborhoods, avoid traveling alone at night see know your rights information at the following link-

Travel: With increased travel time and limited public transportation avoid traveling alone and always let at least one person know where you're going. Ask for a quote before taking a cab [Gas scarcity means many cabs are charging more than usual] Make an alternate plan for your route in case there are unexpected transportation changes.

Resources: Anti-Violence Project (AVP) 24 Hour Bilingual Hotline is up and running and can offer safety tips to intervene on interpersonal violence!  212-741-1141

Community: Please depend on each other and don't be afraid to ask and give help to each other. If you are throwing an event or gathering, consider collecting donations.

Please remember to take care of yourselves!  Oftentimes our individual and collective bodies respond to incidences of trauma in many ways without even knowing it.  You could be more tired, more restless, etc. Be mindful of your body and feelings and pace yourselves!  As LGBTSTGNC of Color we are survivors of generational trauma and violence in our individual and collective lives and this recent experience can only further add to our conditions of stress and isolation.  Some of you might also be experiencing 'secondary trauma'  which is another form of trauma when we witness another persons incident of emotional and physical crisis.  The 'symptoms are usually rapid in the onset and may include experiences of being afraid, and difficulty sleeping' (resourced by the Anti-Violence Project).  We know many of us are holding a lot of stress and trauma from this experience and wanted you to be aware of how it might be impacting our individual and collective well being. 

In Solidarity, ALP Staff 

*Trauma: We are defining as a physical, emotional, and/or psychic experience that can be life altering and impact short term and long term well being. 

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