As a local organizing center and nationally recognized organization in the struggle for racial, social, and economic justice, ALP is hiring for an Executive Leadership role, a position that upholds the vision, organizational development, and day-to-day operations in the organization. With the completion of our 3-year strategic plan in 2019, our stakeholders uplifted a long-term goal of increased wellness, development, and accountability among ALP stakeholders. This Executive Leadership role builds and amplifies community-based practices of care, leadership, and community member investment. The role consolidates the work of community members, staff, and board to incorporate collectivism as we follow our values and strategic plan.

We are looking to recruit a 3-person hiring team to support the voting members* of the ED Hiring Committee. This team will be made up of a Hiring Coordinator, Committee Secretary, and Outreach Liaison.

*Voting power is the ability to accept or reject a candidate moving forward in the hiring process.  The hiring committee, which will be composed of Board Members, Staff, and Core/Active member leadership, will have voting power when it comes to interviewing candidates and final candidate selection. The Hiring Team, who is in charge of designing and facilitating the process, will have the power to recommend and suggest decisions regarding candidates, but have no voting power in the process.



The Audre Lorde Project (ALP) is a Lesbian Gay Bisexual Two Spirit Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming (LGBTSTGNC) People of Color center for community organizing, focusing on the New York City area. Through mobilization, education and capacity-building, we work for community wellness and progressive social and economic justice. Committed to struggling across differences, we seek to responsibly reflect, represent and serve our various communities.



What Does the Executive Leadership Hiring Team Do?

  • Manage the Executive Leadership Hiring Committee which is made up of ALP stakeholders (members, Board, and staff).

  • Support the long and short term visioning around the executive leadership hiring process.

  • Help increase accountability and communication between ALP staff and our community during the Executive Leadership search.

  • Act as the intermediary between different stakeholders as it regards applicant recruitment, decision-making, and recommendations.

Hiring Coordinator Role Commitments (Reports to the Board Chair) 15-20 hours/month

  • Leads the Hiring Team

    • Supervises the Committee Secretary and Outreach Liaison

    • Selects the voting members* of the Hiring Committee

    • Represents the Audre Lorde Project in ED Recruitment matters internally and externally

  • Designs and Facilitates the Hiring Process

    • Combines ALP’s previous executive director hiring process and implements a voting structure that is inclusive of membership, staff, and Board

    • Ensures that process is equitable, democratic, and unimpeded

    • Leads the interview sessions by opening the space, engaging the applicants, and empowering the hiring committee to be strategically decisive

    • Screens applicants to gain clarification for the hiring committee.

    • Executes reference checks for all potential final candidates.

  • Managing Organizational Expectations

    • Holds visioning spaces and surveys for ALP to identify priorities for ED hiring

    • Preps the Hiring Committee and ALP stakeholders on how to participate in an ethical hiring process

    • Facilitates a confidentiality training for the hiring team, hiring committee, and other ALP stakeholders (curriculum provided by ALP)

    • Candidate management via our BambooHR account to ensure quality of applications

  • Leadership Development

    • Facilitates the process in a way that provides Leadership Development for the Committee Secretary and Outreach Liaison

Committee Secretary Role Commitments (Reports to the Hiring Coordinator) $50/hr

  • Scheduling

    • Works with the Hiring Coordinator, Hiring Committee, and applicants to schedule interviews, meetings, follow-up calls, and general meetings

    • Supports with tech during digital interview sessions

  • Note Taking

    • Provides meticulous note-taking, video recordings, and maintains interview rating sheets

    • Creates update reports for various stakeholder meetings

  • Shadowing Hiring Coordinator for Leadership Development

    • Cultivates leadership goals while in this process

    • Gives evaluation of the process as a whole

Outreach Liaison Role Commitments (Reports to the Hiring Coordinator) 

  • Targeted Recruitment

    • Researches potential candidates using the nomination process and recruitment networks (i.e. LinkedIn,, etc.)

    • Manages nominations given by ALP stakeholders and ensures the follow-up of each one to maintain the dignity of the process.

  • Soliciting Member Feedback

    • Curates member feedback while responding to grievances, recommendations, and appreciations of the process

    • Engages with staff, members, and Board to document any nominations and/or conflicts of interest

  • Shadowing Hiring Coordinator for Leadership Development

    • Cultivates leadership goals while in this process

    • Gives evaluation of the process as a whole


Required Qualifications: 

Qualities We’d Love to See in an Applicant

  • Strong experience in hiring and/or talent recruitment

  • Experience supervising staff and/or members and volunteers

  • Excellent interpersonal, facilitation, and communications skills

  • Strong peer-counseling and conflict-management skills 

  • Strong working knowledge of LGBTSTGNC & POC communities, resources, and services in the NYC area

  • Experience working in grassroots community organizing spaces

  • Experience with collective decision-making

  • Able to use PC-based word processing and database programs

  • Ability to work flexible hours, including evenings and weekends

  • Multilingual in English and another language preferred

What You Don’t Need

  • A college degree. ALP recognizes that this is a common barrier to keep people of color and people from low-income backgrounds out of positions of power.

  • Non-Profit-centered experience



Hiring Coordinator (Reports to the Board Chair) $75/hour

Committee Secretary and Outreach Liaison (Reports to the Hiring Coordinator) $50/hr


How To Apply: 

Who Should Apply?

The Audre Lorde Project is committed to justice for LGBTSTGNC people, people of color, women and femmes, immigrants, poor and low-income people, people with disabilities, chronic health issues, and mental health concerns, formerly and currently incarcerated people, youth, elders,  parents, those living with HIV, and those practicing religion or faith. ALP offers equal opportunity employment to all of these groups and others required by law. 

We believe that our people have the tools and lived experiences to fight for their own liberation and must lead the movement for justice. Therefore, we prioritize our work being led by those most affected by our work. Applicants must be based in NYC.

How Do You Apply?

Follow this link to submit a resume and cover letter stating which role you are interested in. For nominations and inquiries, email